Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Arkansas...what are you thinking?

Let’s put this into perspective…Arkansas is in the midst of a lurid scandal involving Bobby Petrino…(that’s bad enough)…but then they decide to hire one of Petrino’s most trusted friends and advisors as interim head coach?

It’s worth remembering, Petrino and Smith have a long history dating to their coaching tenures at 4 different schools including Louisville and Arkansas.

The good news is that Arkansas hired a coach who is capable of running the same system.

The bad news is Arkansas hired a coach who has no moral compass and it should prompt Arkansas to ask the question: why are we so lucky to hire Coach Smith?

It’s also worth remembering, no reputable or respectable coach would accept the job at Arkansas before the dust has settled on a sordid scandal…not to mention the end of Spring Practice…and a mere 4 months before the regular season?

Apparently Arkansas didn’t get the memo...and didn't bother to check Smiths credentials!

After his escapades in East Lansing (how many coaches slap themselves during a Press Conference?) it would be fair to say, Smith was virtually unemployable at most Division 1 schools.

And Smith has proven he hasn’t learned from his past mistakes because in the span of a few months…Smith accepted…and then walked away from a Head coaching job at Weber State!

Let me see…didn’t Smith leave Louisville in a similar fashion to take the Spartan job…and why were the Spartans so lucky to get Coach Smith?

By any measure, Arkansas is seemingly content to cavort with the devil!

Keep in mind, Houston Nutt (who could not be confused with a country preacher) left Arkansas after a 10 year tenure…and then Arkansas was content to hire Bobby Petrino who had a questionable history at best…not to mention Petrino ‘walked out’ on the Atlanta Falcons in mid season to accept the Arkansas job.

Now Arkansas has thrown more ‘good money after bad’ by hiring JL Smith whose sense of loyalty was to walk away from Weber State (his alma mater) without coaching a single game? Let’s put this into perspective as well…Smith decided to steal away from his alma mater in the middle of the night without honoring the terms of his contract?

RichRod, what do you think about that?

All this prompts me to recall the immortal words of Groucho Marx who famously said: I wouldn’t belong to any club who would accept me as a member!!!

What lesson is Arkansas sending?

And by the way, where is the Arkansas President in all this?

Here is a tip for Arkansas. Until you decide to hire a coach who considers himself as a teacher first…and a mentor who is intent upon preparing young men for life…then Arkansas will continue to honor the legacy of their mascot by wallowing in the pig pen.

Come to think about it...the manner in which Arkansas conducts their Football program is disrespectful to the pig.

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